WordPress not creating Thumbnails for images on AWS EC2

I swapped my blog recently to AWS (Amazon Web Services) and am loving it! I was editing on of my post and uploaded a new image and noticed that WordPress was not automatically creating Thumbnails for my images. This is a real pain as you don’t want huge images littering your site for multiple reasons.

Anyway if you are Running WordPress from AWS (Amazon Web Services) EC2 using PHP70 then all you need to do is install PHP70-gd.

To do this… Putty into your server and type:

sudo yum install PHP70-gd

Next reboot your server from the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Management Console and upload an image to test.

Note: If you have a different version of PHP install just change the version number 70 in this case to that version.

Note: This will only work with new images uploaded after the fix is applied.

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