Windows 10 Inject Start Menu Layout Offline – MDT SCCM OSD Powershell

In this blog I will show you how to inject your Windows 10 start menu offline so that on first boot its already configured in your reference image or even your deployment task sequence whether that be MDT of ConfigMgr (SCCM).

GITHUB: Action-OSD_InjectStartMenu_Offline.ps1

Note: If you have links for icons pinned on  the taskbar and the software is not already installed it ill not break and they will show as the applications are installed 😉

Important: Make sure you have added the PowerShell component to your boot image. Click a link to find out how: MDT or SCCM

MDT Setup

  • First download the script and save it into you deployment share “Scripts” folder:
    • Your welcome to also download the DefaultStart.xml and or just rename your default start menu XML to “DefaultStart.xml” and add it also to the deployment share “Scripts” folder.
  • Then open up your chosen Task Sequence in MDT and just before the “Inject Drivers” step under the “Post Install Group” and a new “Run Commmand Line Step”.
  • Name it for example:  Inject Start Menu Offline
    Then use the following command line:
Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File "%SCRIPTROOT%\Action-OSD_InjectStartMenu_Offline.ps1"



SCCM Setup

  • For SCCM you must be using the MDT integration (if you’re not… Start now!), you can make it work without it but I will not cover that here.
  • Find your current MDT Toolkit Package that is associated with the Task Sequence you would like to configure power settings in.
  • Open the “Source” location of your toolkit package, then open the scripts folder.

  • Once inside the scripts folder copy the “Action-OSD_InjectStartMenu_Offline.ps1” into it.  And then your welcome to also download the DefaultStart.xml or just rename your default start menu XML to “DefaultStart.xml” and add it also to the ToolKit Package “Scripts” foldera also.
  • Now, update the Package in ConfigMgr.
  • Next we need to add the step to the task sequence. It must go after a “Use Toolkit Package” step and before your Driver injection step in the task sequence. (If you have a reboot remember to add another use “Toolkit package”.)

Create a new “Run Command Line Step” and the below command.

Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File "%DEPLOYROOT%\Action-OSD_InjectStartMenu_Offline.ps1"

And that is it. Your ConfigMgr or MDT Task sequence is now setup to inject the default start menu before the machine boots!

Anyway as always, script is provided as is and if you do mod it, there is a line to add your name.

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