Richie Schuster

So this is me, my name is Richie Schuster and I am a SCCM Consultant for C5 Alliance in Jersey Channel Islands. My passion and specialism is System Center Configuration Manger, I absolutely love working with it in everyway. This I guess would classify me to be a geek! Hell yes that is me!

My real love is to deploy and customise operating systems. This is where I can spend hours testing and deploying multiple custom configurations for clients. Although really anything to do with deployment is where you’ll find me buzzing with excitement! Especially when it goes to plan, which if you are a ConfigMgr admin you will know this is not always the case, there is always that one oddity, and they are the ones I love…

The Blog I am writing here is not designed to be a… “This way or the high way preach” it is how I have found ways to deliver  what a client a wants. To be quite honest this blog is also that reminder area for me, when I’m sat thinking “How did I do that again?”. Anyway I’m sure bored of reading this by now so I hope you enjoy my content.

My ExpertiseRichie Schuster Profile

  • System Center Configuration Manager
  • Strategic Deployments
  • Upgrade Strategies
  • Bespoke image Creation
  • Fault finding and Solving

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